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ATA Leadership Program | Integrity Martial Arts

The ATA Leadership Program is an elite training level where students participate in advanced self-defense training, advanced weapons training, competition training toward State or World titles, and how to be a good role model for fellow students.

Through the leadership program, students learn the skills necessary to be effective leaders and to have a positive influence over their peers, rather than their peers having any influence over them. They will learn how to be prepared to do their absolute best at anything they pursue and to become positive examples for others to follow.

Dealing properly with unhealthy peer pressure, choosing the right friends, and avoiding dangerous situations are all results people see from our Leadership Program.

Weapons taught in this program

  • Jahng Bong (long staff)
  • Ssahng Nats (kamas)
  • Spontaneous Knife Defense
  • Bahng Mahng Ee (stick)
  • Ssahng Jeol Bong (nunchuck)

This program is supplementary to traditional classes.

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