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New Students

Many times new students (and their parents) have a number of questions about Integrity Martial Arts, our programming and practices, or general questions about martial arts or Taekwondo. The answers to many of the most commonly asked questions can be found below. If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please contact Integrity Martial Arts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch or try a class before I register for classes?
We would love to have you come watch or try a class before registering! Contact us today to setup your free introductory class. We hope to see you soon!
Are there any contracts I need to sign?
Integrity Martial Arts does not have any contracts. Class registration is on a month to month basis.
What benefits come from Taekwondo?
Taekwondo teaches you to protect yourself while at the same time improving your confidence, physical fitness, balance, coordination, and concentration.
Who can learn Taekwondo?
Anyone can learn Taekwondo! We accept students as young as 4 years old and have had students start as old as 70.
How do I register for classes?
There are multiple options for registration, get more information right here!
What equipment do I need to start Taekwondo?
All you need to begin Taekwondo is a uniform. We have them on-hand for purchase. Once the student reaches the sparring level (about 12 months) they are required to have a mouthpiece and safety equipment. Male students should also have a cup and supporter. Safety equipment is available through Integrity Martial Arts.
What should I wear to my first class?
For your first class you should wear sweatpants or wind pants and a t-shirt. We can get you fitted for an uniform before or after your first class. We have uniforms on-hand for purchase.
Which class should I attend to start out?
Children ages 4 through 6 years attend the ATA Tiger class. Those 7 years and older attend the Beginners class.
Do I need to be in shape to do Taekwondo?
No one is expected to be in top physical condition when starting. Your fitness level and skills will gradually increase as you train.
As a parent of a student, how can I help my child in Taekwondo?
Here are some simple things you can do to help your student in Taekwondo:

  • Make sure your children attend class on a regular basis — at least two times a week.
  • Give them that extra push sometimes to come to class. It is very normal for them to get involved in playing and not want to come at times. Once they are here they have forgotten all about playing and are enjoying themselves.
  • It is natural for students to experience some highs and lows in their training. Remember that all children have different abilities and learn at different speeds. When new material is presented, they may appear to have difficulty remembering. If your child seems a little discouraged, try to be patient with them. They are being taught perseverance. As a parent, praise them when they do well and don’t put too much emphasis on their not understanding something. We are aware of what they do and do not know and we will help them. You can also encourage them to practice at home.
  • If your child wants to show you the material they have learned, watch them. They may not always be in the mood to show you when you ask them, so be ready to praise them when the opportunity arises.
  • Don’t say anything negative in front of them about their performance. Too many negative comments produce a negative attitude and low self-esteem. Positive comments will help them perform better and feel good about themselves.
  • If you are concerned about your child’s progress, please contact Master Plessel. Since our classes are scheduled back-to-back with little break, parent conferences are not possible during or in-between classes. Our focus is on teaching your child and discussions about your child takes class time away from other students. Please let us know If there is a reason your child may come to class in a bad mood or feeling down (like a death in the family or loss of a pet). We certainly don’t want to discipline your child (like giving them push-ups) for not answering up or not paying attention if they have a good reason for their behavior.
  • Children learn a lot by watching you and your reactions to different situations. You can spend some wonderful quality time with your child in class. Have you ever considered starting martial arts? There are numerous families that train together at Integrity Martial Arts. Taekwondo is great exercise, a super stress reliever, and you’ll enjoy a positive shared learning experience with your child. “Families that kick together, stick together.”
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